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"We Do" Again

A Recreation of Tony and Jennifer's Wedding

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About The "We Do" Again Wedding

Meet Tony and Jennifer Schmidt. Tony and Jennifer are high school sweethearts who initially got married and started their family after Tony returned from serving in Iraq. Many women dream about their wedding day for as long as they can remember. From the colors, to the style, and you can’t forget the magical and oh so specific wedding dress! However, Jennifer has a different story. In 2018, after months of headaches, vision issues, and pressure, Jennifer was diagnosed with spheno-orbital menigioma. This tumor had started to erase some of Jennifer’s fondest memories including her wedding day. Her doctors quickly began working on a treatment plan and on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018, Jennifer went in for surgery. The doctors were able to remove 90% of the tumor and was the first of many surgeries to come. Her recovery to date includes neuro-ophthalmologist visits, physical therapy, and chiropractic and acupunctural care. Tony has held everything together for his wife and his family. With the constant care for Jennifer, along with caring for two young and active boys, and having a full-time job, Tony continues to have a positive attitude and deep care, compassion, and love for his wife.

Because of Best Christmas Ever, we were able to be used by God to bless Tony and Jennifer with a wedding for them to remember. 1 Corinthians 9:24 is the verse that we have chosen it encapsulates every aspect of this experience. Be Kind 2 People and Best Christmas Ever have partnered to create the best wedding ever for Tony and Jenifer. This wedding is the entire experience, and we need your help to create as many magical moments as possible.

In the spirit of excellence that Best Christmas Ever delivers to each and every sponsored family, this wedding will be no different! No detail will be spared in creating a new memory for this BCE family! We need your help to create this moment for them.

Each and every dollar that is donated will be matched by 2 generous donors tripling the impact of every dollar!